In our online store you can pick up and buy a durable and inexpensive windshield for snowmobiles ARCTIC CAT, BRP, POLARIS, YAMAHA, BURAN, RYSI, TAIGA, IRBIS, STELS, ITLAN KAYUR, SHIHAN,and other models. Delivery to anywhere in the world.

The “Polyurethan” company produces more than 150 items of windshields for snowmobiles. In our online store you can choose and buy windshield on all popular snowmobile models. Windshields are made in standard sizes. You can also buy larger windshields ( height, width). Production material - monolithic polycarbonate, thickness 2mm, 3mm, 4mm.

Note. We make windshields from plastic with improved strength characteristics .. To make our glasses more affordable, we do not apply to them additional protective coating against mechanical damage.

Windshields can get scratched outer surface (from impacts on glass branches, dust, etc.), like any plastic. This does not reduce the strength of the glass. Our windshields is inexpensive and reliable protection of the driver from external impacts.

If you did not find the glass you need in our catalog, please, contact us , as we expand the range, based on your wishes.