Cuffs, rings and other sealings

The company “Polyurethane” manufactures rings and seals of any profile from polyurethane of its own production and other materials within a period of 1 day.

Using modern precision equipment, we can produce seals according to a standard catalog of profiles in the customer’s size in a period of one day. The turning equipment allows the production of seals from a variety of materials with a diameter of up to 500mm.

In addition to seals from its own raw materials, Polyurethane produces seals and their components from engineering plastics: polyacetal (POM), polypropylene (PP), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and others.

Advantages of polyurethane seals

  • High strength
  • Low abrasion
  • The ability to choose a suitable hardness in the range from 82 units. up to 95 Shore, scale A.
  • Resistant to oils, gasoline, diesel fuel
  • Reduced swelling in weak acids and alkalis relative to rubber

Polyurethane seals have a low resistance to alcohols, including antifreeze, and strong organic solvents.

You can order seals in 3 steps:

  • by choosing a profile from the catalog,
  • specifying the size
  • and choosing a material.

If you do not know which material to choose, please provide as detailed information as possible about the operating conditions (low or high temperatures, increased abrasion resistance, with which substances the product will contact, etc.) and we will help you with the choice of material.

In most cases we recommend polyurethane, but if necessary we can make seals from other materials, including:

  • NBR – nitrile butadiene rubber, oil and petrol resistant, resistant to alcohols and solvents, operating temperature up to 110 ° С, sensitive to ozone and ultraviolet light.
  • EPDM – ethylene peroxide diene foci, oil and petrol resistant, ozone and ultraviolet resistant, operating temperature up to 150 ° С
  • FPM – fluorinated rubber, resistant to fuels, solvents, acids and alkalis, not resistant to glycols and amines, operating temperature up to 220 ° С
  • MVQ – silicone rubber, not resistant to gasoline, resistant to acids and alkalis, resistant to overheated steam, operating temperature up to 220 ° С
  • PP – polypropylene, hard plastic, chemically inert, operating temperature up to 180 ° С, very low density (0.8 g / cm3)

Product examples