We offer following types of discounts on our products for retail customers. Wholesale customers can find information about discounts and conditions of cooperation in the section “Cooperation”. Please note that discounts can not be summed up. When you place an order, please write in comments what type of discount you expect to get. We always reserve the right to refuse in providing discount, our company can also change conditions of providing discounts, without any previous announcement for clients.

Discount for FB Siberian Suspension group members

You can receive a 10% discount on the order amount, if you are a subscriber of our FB Siberian Suspension group, your profile is open and there is a Siberian Suspension repost newsletter in it or a link/mention of Siberian Suspension.

Discount conditions: In order to receive a discount, you need to indicate in the field “Comments to the order” that you are a subscriber of the FB Siberian Suspension group and attach a link to your social network page. Do not rush to pay the order immediately. Wait for the answer of the manager, who will check whether you are a subscriber of the group, and will inform the amount of the order with the discount.

 Discount for members of thematic forums and clubs

We provide a discount on the purchase of products to members of the thematic communities, including:

  • 4×4 clubs, car clubs of the Russian Federation and CIS countries, which have their own forum or website
  • technical and automotive forums
  • snowmobile, ATV forums and clubs
  • sites and forums about hunting and weapons
  • other thematic clubs and forums where the placement of information about our products would be appropriate.

You can get a discount 10% of the order amount, provided:
For the site. The pages of the thematic site contain information about our company or products, or a button with a link to our site (easily visible, with unchanged code).
For the forum.The forum pages contain topics about the products of OUR COMPANY in the form of a separate thread.

Conditions for obtaining a discount: To receive a discount, you must specify in the field “Comments to the order” which club you are in, and also your “NICK” on the forum you are referring to when ordering. Wait for the response of the manager, who will check the specified data and will inform the amount of the order with the discount if the conditions of the promotion have been fulfilled.

We do not ask to place our advertising materials on the pages of your site or forum. We are only interested in informing club members about our products. We welcome any objective feedback on our products from those who really use it, and do not ask administrators and forum owners to moderate forum threads in our favor. The Polyurethan LLC will be grateful for any suggestions and feedback aimed at improving the quality of our products, as well as at expanding the range.

Discount “Full Set”

When buying a complete set of parts for your car, you get a 10% discount on the total cost of all parts included in the kit. You can create a kit yourself or consulting with our manager. If you do not know the number or quantity of parts you need, contact the manager and tell him the brand of the car, the year of its release and the body number or the VIN number of the car. The manager will tell you exactly what parts are needed for the complete set.

Conditions for granting a discount: the discount is automatically granted only on sets already formed on the site that have their own article. If the set does not have its own article and composed of goods separately added to the basket, then the grounds for granting a discount require verification, regardless of whether the set was formed by youself or on the advice of our consultant. When ordering, specify in the comments that you are applying for this type of discount, and after checking if the set is really complete, the cost of the order will be recalculated in accordance with the discount provided, and the manager will inform you about this when confirming the order.

You can also purchase sets of fasteners with a 10% discount, having their own article and sold as a separate product.

The promotion is valid when ordering goods in the online store.

Profitable purchase “Bonus to the glass!”

When buying windshields with the sign of the action, you automatically become its participant and get the opportunity to purchase a set of clamps to the glass at the price of 1 ruble for 1 latch! The number of fixatives (50-00-001) in a set to glass is indicated in a note to the product. If you need more clamps to install glass, you can order them additionally on our website.

The promotion is valid for retail customers who place orders in our online store, and as long as the bonus product is in stock.

Polyurethan LLC reserves the right to prematurely terminate the holding of Shares.

Discount restriction.

From time to time, our social network pages may briefly feature offers for a large one-time discount on orders placed through our online store, or we may cut the price on a specific product. Be on the lookout for offers and bargains on our social network pages.

We don’t ask you to publish our advertising materials on pages of your web-site or community. We are interested in any feedback about our products from those who really use it. We don’t ask administrators and page owners to moderate reviews for our benefit.

Polyurethan LLC would appreciate constructive criticism of our products as it helps us to progress and to improve our products’ quality.