Clamps, holders and offroad accessories

Polyurethane company offers a series of universal and specialized tool mounts and equipment for its transportation in vehicles and ATVs.

Many people like outdoor activities on snowmobiles and ATVs. Everyone of them would like to have an active vacation, which brings maximum positive emotions and to have a rest, which will be truly comfortable and convenient. 

If you are planning to go on vacation on a snowmobile, ATV, yacht or boat, it is very important to place all the necessary items so that they are securely fastened and that it is convenient to take them. Fixture from the “Polyurethan” company will help with this. 

Unfortunately, there is not enough ready-made fasteners that can survive the difficult conditions of use in transport: steel rusts, rubber loosens, plastic degrades under the sun.

The “Polyurethan” company offers a series of universal and specialized clamps to facilitate the rest of travel lovers on off-road vehicles, for owners of yachts and boats.

Polyurethane clumps are not afraid of moisture and the sun, temperature changes, salt and fuels and lubricants, are flexible and will not damage either fixed things or the hull of a car or a ship.

A wide range of clamps for round objects in section will allow you to fix a shovel, a flashlight, a brush, oars, fishing rods and other equipment. Larger straps and mounts will securely fasten the canister and fire extinguisher.

With polyurethane clamps you can successfully handle the transportation of equipment and tools. Clamps do not absorb dirt, are easy to clean, they can be used outside in rain and snow, they do not fade in the sun.

All the advantages of polyurethane are used in the fasteners to the maximum:

  • reliable fixing without vibrations and extraneous noise
  • elastic material does not damage the fixed object
  • quick and easy retrieval of a fixed item
  • many variations in the configuration of products among themselves
  • the possibility of fixing items of complex shapes and dimensions

The range of products is constantly growing due to our own developments. Therefore, in addition to standard products, you can find in our catalog unique products that are not found in other manufacturers.

Clamps for hi-jack, shovels, axes, fire extinguishers, mounts on roof rails, head restraints, belts, patch pockets, holders of mount bags on car racks, etc. are a great addition when buying auto parts, motor parts, windshields.

We guarantee the quality of our mounts and clamps and significantly low prices. And we are ready to expand the lineup according to your wishes and recommendations.