Polyurethane for industrial purposes.

Polyurethane sheets, polyurethane bars, polyurethane orbs, gaskets and other products manufacturing by our company are widely used in various industries. Polyurethanes are stable for abrasive damage, for most organic solvents, sea-water, ozone and ultra-violet rays, multiple strains, they are heatproof, frost-resistant and resistant to stretch, last significantly longer than conventional rubbers and plastics.

Polyurethane suspension parts.

Polyurethane suspension parts are designed to maintain lift geometry and strengthen the reliability of the car’s handling;

Polyurethane parts remain flexible in a wide range of temperatures, can withstand heavy loads, and do not dry or become glassy as rubber analogues;

Stable for hostile environment (water, gasoline, oil, acid);

Polyurethane in suspension is used 3-5 times longer than rubber analogues.

Shock-proof windshields for snowmobiles and ATVs.

Impact-resistant plastic is lighter in 2,5 times when glass;

Stable for bending and wind load;

Material has excellent anti-glare properties;

“POLYURETHAN, LLC” manufacture tuned versions of original windshields – heightened or widened.

Molds for facing stone.

High elasticity of polyurethane allows manufacture products of any degree of complexity;

Great accuracy of details opens the way to the world of exclusive quality!

Due features of the mold the scrap rate is very low.

Clamps, mounting kits and weapon upgrades.

Polyurethane clamps and mounting kits are distinguished by its high bending resistance and tensile strength;

Are stable for abrasive damage, for most organic solvents, sea-water, ozone and ultra-violet rays;

Resistant to tearing and aging;

Our company provides wide range of bumpers for hunting rifles and special details for weapon customization