Hunting ski holders

Крепления предназначены для закрепления и перевозки лыж, сноубордов и других предметов вдоль корпуса снегохода.
Крепления изготовлены из металла, комплектуются ремнями из морозостойкого полиуретана, который сохраняет эластичность и не дубеет на морозе при температуре до -500С.

If you are the owner of a snowmobile, and still enjoy skiing or snowboarding, you will probably find the original ski and snowboard brackets produced by our company useful.

Brackets are made of metal and equipped with belts made of frost-resistant polyurethane. This material confidently maintains elasticity and does not harden in the cold.

It’s easy enough to fix it for transporting skis, a snowboard or other objects along the snowmobile body due to our mounts . Equipment fixed in this way minimally protrudes beyond the dimensions of the vehicle, and makes it more convenient and safer to move through the forest without clinging to all oncoming branches and trees.

Brackets for skis and snowboards on a snowmobile

Transportation of bulky items without special trailers or sleds no longer presents a problem with Polyurethane brackets.

It designed to transport equipment along the snowmobile

brackets designed to transport equipment along the snowmobile

Using clamps (supplied), the brackets can be attached to the pipes of the boot of the snowmobile. Mounts for skis and snowboards can easily be transformed into brackets for use with other mounts of our production.