Contactless openers (touchers)

The safest way to use public doors, buttons and touch screens is to use contactless openers – touchers. You will avoid touching as much as possible with them, which means direct contact with dirty surfaces. The direct contact area when using touchers is reduced to 99%.

Contactless door openers made by the Polyurethan company make it easy to open doors of shops, offices, entrances, lockers, press ATM buttons, elevator buttons, and use touch screens of devices.

Our company produces several models of contactless button pushers, and you can choose the most suitable for yourself. All of them have an ergonomic design and fit comfortably in your hand.

Due to the small size, the material of manufacture (monolithic polycarbonate) and the flat shape, the keys for contactless door opening are very light. In addition, the design provides holes for suspension, and they can be used in the form of a key fob. Therefore, the toucher easily fits even in a small handbag or pocket.

Keys-touchers for non-contact opening of doors made by Polyurethan LLC are made of monolithic polycarbonate (MPC). This is the most durable transparent plastic known (more …). Windshields for snowmobiles and motor vehicles, light domes, and constructions operating under high wind load are made from IPC. Such touchers will not break and can be used to open heavy doors.

This button pushers are simply cleaned with a disinfectant. Simply wipe it or put it in a disinfectant solution for a while.

Always carry the contactless opener-toucher with you. So you will protect yourself from dangerous contacts at any time. With key-toucher you will be calm and reliably protected from viruses and bacteria!