Fixing strap with clasp (medium)

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Fixing strap with clasp (medium)

Product Code: 33-00-0723
$1.09 (80 ₽) / 1 pc
Stock availability: Novosibirsk, Moscow

Applicability: Подойдет для закрепления проводов, канатов, а также удочек, лопат, фонариков и других предметов различных форм и размеров.

Description: Working diameter: 5 - 67 mm, L = 220 mm, l = 31 mm, H = 3 mm

Polyurethanes are stable for abrasive damage, for most organic solvents, sea-water, ozone and ultra-violet rays, they are heatproof and frost-resistant, last significantly longer than conventional rubbers. Working diameter - 5-67 mm. Can be used for binding cables, ropes, shovels, flashlights and other different objects.

Materials Polyurethane
Polyurethane brand PU54
Hardness 71
Weight (kg) 0.025
Image Designation Hardness Colour Operating temperature Stock availability
PU54/M71/black 71 black -30°C to +90°C +
PU54/M71/beige 71 beige -30°C to +90°C +
H1 225
H2 31
H3 3
Dimensions (mm) 10 x 220 x 33
Installation Features Может крепиться к поверхности двумя и более болтами или саморезами (не поставляются в комплекте).

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