Manufacturing and new developments

Polyurethan’s production facilities are located in Novosibirsk, Siberia. The shops where our specialists work are equipped for highly efficient operation. All of our equipment and tools undergo regular certification.

Polyurethane LLC has implemented and certified a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Every product we make goes through several stages: from the development of design documentation to casting and finish processing. We pay particular attention to selecting the material formulation that is best suited for the use to which the finished product will be put.

One of the developments of our company is the formula of frost-resistant polyurethane. Tests conducted in special freezers and in the “field” (Yakutia) showed that our polyurethane does not lose working capacity up to -50 degrees Celsius. (see details about polyurethane material)

Our experts regularly conduct a series of tests of the stability of products to various environments and loads. For many years of development, the Polyurethane company developed and implemented unique technical solutions, specialized testing facilities and raw material formulations.

To test the “power reserve” produced silent blocks, special machines are designed. Installations simulate the working conditions and behavior of the part in the lever, with the possibility of programming the “rigidity” of the tests.

Many silent blocks of our production are available in several versions. One of the main ones is silent blocks with a pressed-in inner sleeve. Due to their design, they are more resistant to low temperatures. Especially for “vertical” nodes prefabricated silent blocks are produced.

In addition to mass production, we also fulfill custom orders and replace worn rubber layers on various industrial equipment parts. For industrial equipment, we replace the worn out rubber layer of spare parts with polyurethane – shafts, rollers, pistons, bushings, sprockets, etc.

Modern precision equipment for turning allows you to quickly produce rings and seals from polyurethane and structural plastics – polyacetal (POM), polypropylene (PP), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and others in a period of one day.

We were the first in Russia to start producing polyurethane mounts for Off-road. The designers of the Polyurethane company have developed many different technical solutions in the field of fasteners for off-road extreme sports, fasteners for transportation and storage of luggage, tools, tourist and hunting equipment.

ounts for SUVs, snowmobiles and motor vehicles – for shovels, for axes, for fire extinguishers, fasteners for expeditionary containers, rails on the rails, Hi-jack mounts, tool mounts, weapon mounts, various belts and many others are popular among extreme travel lovers, SUVs, snowmobiles not only in Russia but also abroad.

Our production of plastic products is developing rapidly – first of all, windshields for snowmobiles and motor vehicles under the Arctic Trial brand, as well as laser engraving and marking of products.

Our technologists and engineers have designed and put into production 150 items of windshields for snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, special equipment made of plastic with improved characteristics:

  • increased height for reliable protection of the driver from wind and snow,
  • extra wide for extra leg protection
  • modified thickness to increase resistance to physical damage

Constant improvement of production technology, our own development, research and modernization of the composition of raw materials, a modern equipment park allows our company to produce high-quality products in large volumes and expands opportunities for customers and partners. If you are interested in our products and there is a desire to become our partner in your region, please fill out the Application for Cooperation.